House accents

I love decorating. I love picking out items and planning how to use them, but I’m also horrible at the follow-through. For instance, I bought these lovely shelf brackets on ebay.thumb_IMG_5211

We have a few collections of mostly decorative dishes. I have a set of Blue Willow dishes, which I received from my family and beautiful set with fleur-de-lis patterns, which I received from my boyfriend for Christmas.thumb_IMG_5213

The night before our housewarming party was when we decided to actually install our open shelving. Just so everyone knows, my boyfriend panted the shelf brackets, the shelves, and installed them. What did I do you ask? Make pencil circles where the shelf brackets were supposed to go in the wall ;o) thumb_IMG_5212He also set-up the plates on the shelf because by 2 am, having been awake since 6 am, I couldn’t quite keep my eyes open. But thanks to my wonderful boyfriend, I think the arrangement looks beautiful!

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