Happy Housewarming

Yesterday, we invited our friends over for a housewarming party. When I planned the shindig, I forgot it was a holiday weekend, so not everyone could make it, but I’m so happy my friends who could make it, did! We decided to make some Filipino food – lumpia and pancit.

Lumpia is a type of Filipino eggroll. If people know I can make lumpia, that’s usually requested for parties, but it is time consuming.

First, you have to cook your meat and vegetables. You can use pork or beef. Personal preference, I like beef best. Usually one package of beef per one package of lumpia wrappers, which we buy from the oriental store in the frozen foods section. The vegetables we often use are cabbage and carrots. For flavor, you can add garlic and spice to taste for added flavor.

So you have to brown your ground beef and then add the vegetables.

thumb_IMG_5197My mother likes to cut up the cabbage and carrots, whereas I do not. I usually just buy a coleslaw mix from the grocery store, which contains thinly sliced cabbage and carrots.

Mix all the goodies together and add soy sauce, salt, and pepper, again to taste. Once all of that is cooked up, we put the meat and veggies in a strainer to drain and cool. We drain it because the lumpia wrappers are very thin and break easily.

Once the meat and veggies have cooled, you can start the tedious process of wrapping the lumpia.


I use approximately 1/4 cup. I use the measuring cup to scoop the mixture, but I don’t pack it in. I place it near the corner of the lumpia wrapper closest to me. thumb_IMG_5201

Then I roll. And roll. And roll. We made about 94. I rolled about 74 of them. Right before closing the roll, I use water to seal the lumpia wrapper.

Next: to the danger zone. Hot oil. I place the lumpia seam down in the oil.


Fry each side until golden brown. Also, the oil continues to cook the lumpia after removing it from the oil.thumb_IMG_5208

I placed the lumpia on a plate with a paper towel to take off the excess oil.thumb_IMG_5210 That’s the gist of making Filipino lumpia!

I haven’t really written much lately and unfortunately, I haven’t been cooking much either. My mother is about to take a trip to the Philippines and has been cooking for us. Soon, I shall have to start practicing the art of cooking again!

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