Adventures with the new stove


While our new stove has been in our new home for almost a month, it had not been hooked up until a few days ago. Why? Because we had to wait on our counter tops, which finally arrived!


Kitty model on the counter tops


New counter tops

So, on today’s menu was the Buttery Tomato Sauce with pasta and garlic bread.

thumb_IMG_5161_1024Few things, if you can get your hands on Vidalia onions, they are so delicious. Onions are often too strong a flavor for me, but these onions are delicious. The recipe states you should coarsely chop the tomatoes, but I am not very handy with a knife, so I just used my handy dandy immersion blender to chop up the large chunks of tomatoes. I got my red hand blender at Kohl’s, here is a similar model: Smart Stick Blender. I’m actually jealous that it comes in pink now! I love that thing, I’ve made pina coladas, salsa, and now this sauce with it.

thumb_IMG_5155This sauce is so good. I’ve made two different versions of this sauce, the one included in this post and another recipe. I have liked both. I’m probably like your picky child, I don’t like marinara or red sauces and prefer just butter and noodles if red sauce is involved, but because of the buttery, tomato goodness, this is delicious. My boyfriend also said this was a make again dish. :o) YAY! Now, because I cooked this dish, it wasn’t quite perfect…it was just a bit too watery, but still delicious!

Hope you enjoy!

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