Where have I been?!

Wow! I have not written anything for quite awhile. I took a work trip for three weeks with little to no internet… Then, we finally got all moved into our new house (!!!), but were without internet for another week.

Besides no internet, our kitchen has been in disarray this whole time as well. Our kitchen was VERY outdated… the cabinets, the counter top, the appliances, the wood-paneled walls… you get the picture! My mother has bought us new appliances for our first new home as a gift and I totally appreciate it! My plan was to paint the counter tops and cabinets as an update. Unfortunately, to remove the wood-paneling, the counter tops had to be removed and they were so brittle, that they broke, so CHA-CHING new counter tops are needed. We have been on hold for the new counter tops for this whole week AND we haven’t been able to use our stove because of it… So the counter tops were supposed to be delivered last Thursday… The granite had a chunk missing out of it and the edges weren’t polished and cleaned, so counter tops went back to the granite store and now we. are. still. waiting. So, I’ve been having to use the crockpot a bit more than I ever have.

I’m making two crockpot recipes, on this beautiful Sunday. Technically, I already made one of them… Crockpot Caramel Sweet Rolls from The Better Baker. Unfortunately, because of user error…per usual…this would be filed under “Culinary Catastrophes” for me… Note: for the original melted butter, the recipe calls for 1/2 cup butter and I was able to get away perfectly with 1/4 cup butter. The recipe did take me 1.5 hours to make… I also couldn’t quite tell when the biscuit/rolls were finished, but some of the bottoms burned. Also, for future reference, you should probably read the whole set of directions. There is a glaze with extra ingredients, which I didn’t see until after I had already decided to make the recipe. Anyway, I didn’t check if I had all of those ingredients. I was thinking, “Oh no, I don’t even know if we have milk!” (or powdered sugar or vanilla). Fortunately, we had regular milk AND Very Vanilla soy milk. So, while making the glaze I grabbed the milk, the powdered sugar, and that little bottle of vanilla extract, or what I thought was vanilla, from the spice cabinet and began throwing ingredients in the bowl. First, I threw in the powdered sugar, then I grabbed that vanilla extract and started pouring it into my teaspoon and that yellow liquid dropped onto the sugar…wait YELLOW?! I turned over the bottle and it was banana extract. Guh-ross. So then I go back to my spice cabinet and we do not have vanilla extract sooooo I just added the Very Vanilla soy milk. Oh well. The icing had a tinge of banana flavoring, not really that good but not the worst thing I’ve ever eaten.

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