Here are a few of my favorite decorative things:

Teresa Multi Retro-style Area Rug (5'3 x 7'2)

Living Room Rug

We placed this rug in our living room. At first the rug looked too small. The rug is 5×8, with a little maneuvering, it looks perfect. I’ll try to add an updated picture later. The rug is so soft and would be great in a kids room or even a nursery.

Hand-hooked Indoor/ Outdoor Capri Blue/ Multi Rug (5'0 x 7'6)

Bedroom Rug

This blue rug is one of my favorites. I love the colors so much. I wish it were as soft as the living room rug.

Side Table

This little side table will sit on the blue rug in the bedroom to complete my reading nook area.

Displaying IMG_5113.JPG

Here is the chair for the reading nook. Although my favorite color is pink, somehow our bedroom theme is blue. I can live with that. I do love turquoise and other water shades.

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