Welcome Home!

Wow, I feel like today was one of those days that I did nothing and I did everything at the same time.

List of things I didn’t do:

-Move anything.

List of things I did:

-I went to the bank for a big check.

-I signed a lot of papers.

-We visited our new house!

New Home

Let’s just say, as a first time home buyer, the seller was pretty awful. Not that I ever got to give him my stink eye face to face, but he seemed to be a very grouchy individual. The home was his mother’s house and she willed it to him several years ago. He never lived in the home (he wrote that in the paperwork). The house was on the market for a year. He was mad when the appraisal came in under list price and said there was a conspiracy against him. He then refused to pay the sellers closing costs. He cursed out his real estate agent at every turn for the things he HAD to fix. He signed off that he would repair a few things that were safety concerns… Less than 10 items in total and he proceeded to complain about each and every one of them. He didn’t even go to the house. He had his handyman do all the work and so far it appears that the handy man did the minimum amount necessary (or not at all) to complete a task. During our re inspection, he hadn’t even completely fixed everything, but he continued to complain about everything.

He finally got his handyman to complete the necessary repairst…yesterday. And we closed today. He didn’t even bother to come to closing AND THEN…he refused to pay the fee…to have the closing check mailed to him. He received all the money on the sale AND STILL refused to pay a courier fee to get the money…

I can’t even imagine what kind of person he is in real life.

Anyway, we visited our house so we could take some measurements, meet a contractor to work on some things and our first order of business was to get the air conditioner running for everyone’s comfort. Surprise. Handyman broke the AC. $110 bill within the first 5 hours of home ownership.

But despite everything, I’m so happy and blessed to be owning a house. Even with the old meanie, we are going to be happy and we are going to have a wonderful life. :o)

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