Attempt at cooking take 2

Last night, I decided to try cooking a tortellini salad and bruschetta. This, time I did take some crappy photos…


Here are SOME of my assembled ingredients… I am pretty bad about not reading through all cooking ingredients and instructions.

I made the tortellini Greek salad using the recipe from Two Peas & their pod, Greek Tortellini Salad.


My presentation skills are clearly lacking, didn’t even break out the good china. And the salad has so many beautiful colors from the tomatoes, herbs, onions, and olives. My iPhone image just can’t quite convey them all.

Finally, I made bruschetta… I like the idea of bruschetta, but don’t really know HOW to make it.

I used tomatoes, basil, and smoked gouda on top of a french baguette. Assembled everything and put it in the oven to broil, but since I was still assembling the salad, I left the bread in a little too long. I just wanted some warm cheese, but I got melted cheese.


Oh, what shall be my next culinary adventure?!

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